Kids' Curriculum Development

In 2011-12, AAC adapted the Roaring Adventure of Puff (“RAP”) childhood asthma curriculum to address needs identified by First Nations children and their families, and to be culturally relevant to Canadian First Nations children. To ensure project activities were informed and community-based, AAC’s process included an Advisory Group, national workshop, on-line survey, collaboration website and community-based training and delivery. The conference poster and final report describe the activities undertaken and products/processes developed, including:

  • Legend of Tahnee, the Wolf: My Asthma Journey activity book.
  • Training for community-based teams: a hybrid of on-line training, hosted at the University of Alberta, live (and recorded) webinars and a community of practice.
  • Network of asthma education mentors: committed asthma educators, nurses and asthma/lung organizations, located in the regions and accessible for community support.
  • New and revised games and lesson plans developed with kids from the community, Elders, artists, health care workers and asthma educators.

The report section entitled “Lessons Learned” includes a summary of challenges and the considerable - and potentially novel - efforts taken to address the same. The recommendations section focuses on suggested next steps for RAP, First Nations children with asthma and their communities. Finally, this report contains a description of the beneficial effects (both anticipated and unplanned) of project activities in First Nations communities and elsewhere.