El Salvador Asthma Program

The Alberta Asthma Centre is collaborating with the National Lung Hospital and Ministry of Health in El Salvador to support the development of an El Salvador Asthma Management Program (funded by AlerGen NCE IPI). This supports a partnership with the El Salvador Ministry of Public Health and the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease to establish an Asthma Drug Facility to provide free essential asthma drugs. The Alberta Asthma Centre has helped to launch a program that provide training and educational resources.

The Flaman Foundation provided funds to support asthma in El Salvador. Check out the update on the project.


Facts about asthma in El Salvador (stats from Jose Antonio Saldaña Hospital (JASH), 2008):

  • 40% external consultation for asthma.
  • 45% of total consultation in Emergency Dept.
  • 70 asthma patients admitted to hospital/ month.
  • 80% from Great San Salvador (66% women).
  • No data on mortality or economic burden.
  • Literacy rate is very low.
  • Indoor air pollution from wood smoke and outdoor pollution is a concern.
  • Very few of asthma patients smoke. They have an intense tobacco reduction program.