Asthma Management in Primary Care

We are working with the Asthma Working Group within Alberta Health Services to develop childhood asthma pathways and training modules for primary care. Watch for more details.


The study funded by ASTHMA C and The Lung Association of Alberta and NWT entitled, 'Determining the Impact of Asthma Management Supports in Primary Care Networks' has been completed. Click here for the summary of the project and results.

Asthma Management Tools for Primary Care

Canadian Thoracic Guidelines 2013: Spirometry in Primary Care
Summary for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma (COPD and Asthma Network of Alberta)
Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)
Primary Care Toolkit from (COPD and Asthma Network of Alberta)
Resource Catalogue: COPD and Asthma Education

Patient Tools
Taking Control of Asthma - Cycle of Care (AllerGen NCE and Asthma Society of Canada)
Alberta Written Asthma Action Plan (COPD and Asthma Network of Alberta and Alberta Asthma Centre)
Device Education Sheets (COPD and Asthma Network of Alberta)

Videos prepared by Ontario Lung Association
Inhaler Device Teaching Videos
Adult Asthma 2010 Continuum Update (6+years) -Presenter: Dr. Diane Lougheed
Pediatric Asthma - Presenter: Dr Sharon Dell

Spirometry in Primary Care program includes: spirometry interpretation, sample cases, peak flow, related links and resources.