Evaluating impact and implementation strategy

Recently, the following two studies have been completed to better understand how best to translate these tools into practice. Check back for results.

Determining the Impact of a Provincial Action Plan

Funding: ASTHMA C

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to assess the uptake of written asthma Action Plans in Alberta primary health care settings following the implementation of a provincially standardized asthma Action Plan. This prospective exploratory study is being conducted by a large multi-disciplinary team to evaluate the impact of a provincial asthma action plan in Alberta. 

Objectives:  To assess the uptake of written asthma action plans in Alberta following a multi-targeted stakeholder implementation using pre/post surveys and interviews.

  1. identify factors/strategies that impact the likelihood of health care providers giving action plans to patients in their practice, and
  2. identify factors that impact the likelihood of patients using the action plans.
  3. assess satisfaction and asthma control of patients pre and post action plan implementation.

Determining the Impact of Asthma Management Supports in Primary Care Networks

Funding: The Lung Association of Alberta & NWT, Angela Jone Clinical Research Grant

Purpose: To determine the rate of individuals having a physician approved action plan following distribution by a PCN health team (PCNHT) including the PCN Nurse and local pharmacists compared to those that receive usual care. As well, to determine whether the provision of action plan improves asthma control as measured by the asthma Management and Control Survey and Asthma Control Questionnaire. The study proposed here will build upon the findings thus far and augment the sample size and power of the overall project. This proposed study is, however, unique as it will provide the opportunity to engage Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in this important research.


      ASTHMA-C               The Lung Association of Alberta and NWT