Health Innovations

Helping individuals with asthma be their best and run a good 'race'!


Health Innovations is a unit within the Alberta Asthma Centre. Its aim is to support and explore innovative strategies and approaches that achieve optimal asthma management and quality of life for individuals with asthma. This includes testing and facilitating implementation of effective processes that improve the continuum of care from hospital, clinic, health centre, school/work place and home. We have partners with many outstanding teams and organizations who are united in our vision and have supported our projects and initiatives. 
Our goals are:
  • Every health care team/professional is equipped and trained to provide appropriate asthma support.
  • Every patient with asthma receives comprehensive asthma education in a format and settings most appropriate to the indivdual, family and caregiver.
  • Every individual with asthma has a written asthma action plan/decision support tool that is based on their personal goals and developed in collaboration with the health provider.
  • Every individual with asthma has timely access to effective care and education.