Brief History

The Alberta Asthma Centre (AAC) officially opened on March 10, 1993 and is a fully approved, formal Centre of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta.  AAC arose through the initiative of the Alberta Lung Association in consultation with numerous groups, organizations and individuals in Alberta with common interests.  Based on identified needs, the AAC designed and initiated several educational programs aimed at those with asthma, their families and caregivers, as well as multi-disciplinary health-care professionals.  Our asthma educational programs are widely acknowledged for their innovative approaches and quality of their content and delivery. 

AAC has had a close alignment with the Pulmonary Research Group since both were founded in 1993 under common leadership. Both organizations have evolved, to some extent independently, but their alignment has remained as a positive factor and recent efforts have strengthened the relationship.  In 2007, the AAC Asthma Clinic was established. The Clinic was developed to complement the education and research activities of AAC and to bring outstanding and innovative care to those with asthma.